Professional drummer since 12 years old, André Mattos started traveling very soon to all states in Brazil and abroad, accomplishing wha the calls a self satisfying goal, that is to spread out and incentivizet heart of the music in people'slife.
Before he changed his religion, he had participated of the work of several artists like Neguinho da Beija-Flor, Ginga Pura, Bebeto, Banda Brasil, and after he started with the gospel market he worked with artists like Carlinhos Félix, Pâmela, Melissa, Pedro Neves and Toque no Altar, which he was one of the founders.

Nowadays, he makes part of the group Trazendo a Arca, with CDs Marca da Promessa, Ao Vivo no Japão, restituição, Deus de promessas, Pra Tocar no Manto, Salmos e Cânticos Espirituais, Entre a Fé e a Razão, Na Casa dos Profetas, Español, and more recently Habito no Abrigo; also DVDs Deus de promessas, Trazendo a Arca ao Vivo no Maracanãzinho. His first teaching DVD called “André Mattos Profético” and Trazendo a Arca Live in Orlando.

Alongwith the group Trazendo a Arcahe participated in some events in Japan, England, Portugal, United States, Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Cuba, Bolivia, Angola and Mozambique.