Iúri Oliveira

Iúri Oliveira is a professional musician in the area of percussion, distinguished by his authenticity, elegance, passion, creativity and sensitivity. Eclectic and versatile in a variety of styles, ranging from World Music, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Afro, Brazilian Music, Fusion, Fado, among others.

Iúri Oliveira started to play from a very young age, and it was at the age of 14 that he started as a professional musician also doing his solo work. Since then, his professional course has been lined by a myriad of performances alongside artists such as Sara Tavares, Selma Uamusse, Ana Lains, Paulo de Carvalho, among many other internationally acclaimed musicians. In his most recent works, stand out innovative projects like They Must be Crazy, Criatura, as well as artists like Sara Alhinho and Teté Alhinho. As a versatile percussionist, and endowed with a unique professionalism, technique and creativity, his path has been fulfilling and highlighted. In 2013, Iúri Oliveira was Finalist and Winner of the Honourable Mention in the area of Percussion in the 5th Edition of the Festival of Percussion and Drum of Lavra. Born in 89, in a family with distinct cultural influences, between Portugal and Angola, it is from the city of Benguela that his father brings his roots. Inspired by his father extraordinary and peculiar musical tastes, this is where Iúri’s dream of being a professional musician arises.

Pursuing his passion and resilience, it is in 2009 that he decides to join the London School of Drums and Percussion - The Rhythm Studio | London School Of Popular Music, where he studied and deepened his knowledge with the Master Percussionist Marcus "Santana" Raimundo (Band Tribe and Timbalada). Styles such as Afro-Cuban, World Music, Brazilian, Fusion, Mandinga, Lattin Jazz, among others, have become prominent in their work. His quest for knowledge and his willingness to explore new styles, challenged him to persuade his studies in Holland, specifically at the Drumdrumdrum school of the percussionist Roel Calliste, where he perfected approaches to World Music, Hybrid Percussion and Solo. He returns to Portugal in 2014, being invited to work with numerous nationally renowned artists. 

At the same time, his passion for learning, leads him to continue his studies with renowned International and National Percussionists perfecting and challenging himself to approach diverse languages and styles: Marcelo Wolosky (Snarky Puppy), Steven Brezet (Snarky Puppy), Renato Martins (Latin Percussion), Jarrod Cagwin (Turkish Cymbals), Osvaldo Avena (Argentina), Osvaldo Pegudo (Cuba), Marito Marques, Sebastian Scheriff e Ruca Rebordão. His interpretation of music, and its approach to different types of instruments, allows him to build a perfect atmosphere for each context. Iúri Oliveira's Musical universe is inspired and created through elegance, passion, colour and vocabulary with the main purpose of serving the music.

Currently, he has been working and cooperating as percussionist sideman | studio musician | musician of tour in diverse projects and with artists, such as: Sara Tavares, Selma Uamusse, Criatura, They Must Be Crazy, Tété Alhinho, Sara Alhinho, Gil do Carmo, Lura, Karyna Gomes, Binhan Quimor, Ana Lains, Aline Frazão, Paulo de Carvalho, Valéria de Carvalho, Rui Veloso, Marcia Castro, João Barradas, António "TC" Cruz, Yami Aloelela, Aline Paes, Dino de Santiago, Gil do Carmo, Monkuti, among others.


"To serve the music as a whole, in every timbre and sonority, to express and reflect all my emotions. My greatest legacy will be to inspire someone to embrace music as one day someone has inspired me." Iúri Oliveira, 2018