Can has started playing drums when he was 13 years old and continues the journey actively playing drums on stage and with composition and arrangement works. He carry on his drum solos and performances that include electronic elements. University: 2012 – ongoing: Yıldız Teknik University İstanbul-Art Design Faculty Music Technologies Personal Music Project: 2009 – 2011: He formed a group called “Alarm” (electronic dance music project with drums, vocal and dj.) Mixes and arrangements of the repertoire of the group was made by himself and they gave concerts all around Turkey. Awards: 2013: He entered the Roland V-Drums World Championship-2 Turkey Finals and won the 2nd Prize. He became an endorsement of Roland. Artists he worked on stage with: In the project of ‘Zamansız Sarkilar’ of İskender Paydas: Kenan Dogulu, Mirkelam, Mustafa Ceceli, Levent Yuksel, Deniz Seki, Sebnem Ferah, Emre Aydın. Fatma Turgut ( Group Model), Atiye Keremcem Ozan Dogulu Feridun Duzagac Cahit Berkay Harun Tekin (Mor ve Otesi) Sibel Tüzün Akın Eldez Batu Mutlugil He continues on stage performance with Iskender Paydas, Mirkelam and Aydilge Album records he played in: Iskender Paydas-Zamansız Sarkilar 2 Deniz Seki-2013: Hayat Imdat, Deniz Asik Olunca Sasirir and Uzulme Atiye-2013: featuring Emre Aydın- Sor Haydar-2013 Serdar Ortac-2013 Equipments he uses: TAMA STARCLASSIC PERFORMER BB ROLAND SPD-SX, SPD 30 TURKISH CYMBALS