She entered Berklee College of Music graduated major in performance with grade of Magna Cum Lauge.


She became a masked drummer “Chiyopon” in2020.

Her style is Jazz/Fusion music and Anime songs in basic.

She works online always streaming on Twitch and posts her drum videos on Instagram YouTube to the world.


In 2021, she joined Turkish Cymbals Family.


My first met with Turkish Cymbals was in September 2021.

I have my favorite drumsets and sticks, but I couldn’t really find out favorite “cymbals” until then….

After I made a contact with Mr. Shigehara from distributor Komaki Tsusho , he gave a catalog and I found Turkish there, then my first impression was “Wow!”

Their name of the series were pretty unique, Sehzade, Bee, Sirius, Clatter etc…

I asked him quickly I wanted to try them! He also introduced me the newest series “Cappadocia” too.

I had been so surprised, “What an incredibly beautiful and special sound! They’re REALLY my sound I was looking for long time!”


I use so many grips and finger controls when I play, means want to make so many sounds on cymbals depends on emotions(colors) for each songs.

The biggest point of Turkish Cymbals is all by hand made.

There are so many kinds of emotions in every different part on a cymbal, and also they are in great quality.

THAT is really wonderful, and there is any other brands which have same quality.


But unfortunately, they’re not really popular in Japan yet….I couldn’t believe the fact even they release such a great cymbals!


Turkish cymbals really helped me to create my own sound.I’m so happy to have a wonderful opportunity, and working as a Turkish Family!