“After seven years of piano, I started playing the drums with Ivan Nesztor at the age of 13. Five years later I was forced to suspend my musical studies for two years, due to arthritis. During this forced rest period, I was admitted to ELTE University and graduated as a Maths and Physics teacher. I joined my first well-known pop group, Rozsaszin Bombazok (Pink Bombers) in the late eighties. Then for a short while I played with an offspring of Kontroll Csoport (one of the most influential Hungarian underground groups), Keleti Feny (Eastern Lights) with Zoltan Farkas (guitar), Peter Gaspar (bass) and Kriszta Csanady (vocals).  In 1989 I joined one of the most prestigeous Hungarian progressive rock groups, Mini, with flutist-singer Adam Török, Akos György (keyboards) and Zsolt Tarjan (bass). Together, we toured around Switzerland, Austria and Hungary and recorded an album.  In 1990 I moved to London for two years, where I met British saxophonist-singer Sandra Grant, known from Soul II Soul and the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra. Once back home, we founded Brainwash with Sandra and Géza Matyasovszky (guitar) and recorded an album with Hungaroton. A remix I made of one of the CD’s songs (Taking Life For Granted) made it to the 1996 pop finals of the Billboard song contest.  9:30 Collective came to life in 1995. I also did a lot of studio work for various pop compositions and a tour with the Hungarian World Music Orchestra. Meanwhile, I also contributed with sound engineering and instrumentation to some of my musician friends’ productions (P+H Connection, Pal Vasvari (bass) and Bernard Maseli (vibraphone), Janos Nagy, Enikö Almasi and others).  Between 1996 and 2001 I composed music for commercials and various other applications. Meanwhile, we produced over 2000 radio and TV ads in the studio we founded with two partners.  In 2001 I composed the music for the TV version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew filmed at Katona Jozsef theatre in Kecskemet (ft. Juli Basti, director Tamas Puskas). In addition to my musical work, from the early 90’s I was leading correspondent for Zenész (The Musician) magazine for 10 years. My interviews of foreign musicians were regularly published in daily newspapers and on the radio.  In 1995 I became one of the founding members and until 2000 operational director of 92.9 Sztar Radio, which was one of the most successful pioneers of Hungarian commercial broadcasting. I now publish CD reviews and interviews in Gramofon magazine. These past few years, apart from a few concerts with Desney Bailey (Sziget Festival 2001-2003), I’ve dedicated my musical time to the 9:30 Collective, KAOSZ Központ and the !Endre-eNerd! solo project.”