Something very strange happened on February 19, 1996. Some say it was just a regular day like any other. Some historians like to believe Feb. 19, 1996 was the day that rock was invented. Well those “some historians” are actually right, because on February 19, 1996 Matthew J. Horner was born. As a young pup Matt took up banging on pots and pans, Telling those around him that he’s working for the weekend. Well Ladies and Germs that weekend finally came when him and some strapping young lads started a pop punk band entitled “Search The Depths” (STD for short) that weekend was shortly lived until another weekend rolled around, This “weekend” was called “Deadline For A Critic” or (DFAC) & “Beneath These Dreams” these bands disbanded shortly after. Matt started to lose hope until he ran into former STD bassist Logan Rivera, he said he was recruiting people for his project entitled “Gillian Carter”. Matt said yes & recruited some old friends, and now they tour the nation bringing only the finest in international Skramz/Rock N’ Roll Now he bangs on only the finest pots and pans (SJC Drums & Turkish Cymbals!) Touring full time. He enjoys dining at Zaxbys, having fun with his friends, living life to its fullest, playing music and drums, and not hanging out with girls who try to kiss him. Look out for him this summer on tour!