He was born on 9 July 1981 in Adana. His first instrumant was a classic guitar when he was in secondary school. In 1997 he was in high school when he starterd to play the drums. In 1999 he moved to Istanbul to study management in Istanbul University. In the same year he formed a band callad Direc-t with his two friends Bilge Kösebalaban and Alexey Tintaru. He played in various gigs with Direc-t before they released their first album called “Rus Kozmonotları” in 2004. After the album they played in many open air festivals including Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine and the USA. Direc-t released two more albums in 2005 and 2011. In these years Özgür also played with various bands called Kraker, Mayday, Kungfu, Koliband and The Jailbreakers. Now he continues his music life with Direc-t, Kraker and Allen Hulsey.