Hanes Radu is one of the most respected drummers in his country. His pocket playing and his great tone has earned him a strong reputation amongst fellow musicians whilst his looks and chops are the delight of the crowds. His groove, a mixture of New Orleans funk with a touch of Rock is unique in the central European area. Born in the town of Resita in the Western part of Romania he was exposed to the multicultural influences of Serbian, Romanian and Hungarian music. His style varies from playing with etno jazz international superstar Damian Draghici to the electro rythms of his current band Otherside. In between he plays psychedelic funk with Rares Totu’s Midnight Sun, a band fronted by ex Screaming Headless Torsos singer Dean Bowman, a staple of the NY scene. His list of collaborations is huge and he was the founder of the succesful pop band Publika. He is also part of Florin Giuglea Group, an excellent blues outfit. A very busy and sought after musician, Hanes Radu is also the rythm foundation of the TV Show ” Jocuri de celebritate ” on the major station ProTV with the band Tonik. Always in the quest for something new, he combines old school grooves with today’s rythm formulas and sounds.