Hyves address http://tama69.hyves.nl/?ref=sr    René Barthen is a professional drummer from The Netherlands, who has built his career since the mid eighties. He played in The Bootlegs and was a supporting act for i.e. The Golden Earing, De Dijk and Cuby and the Blizzards with his band Private Eye. With the band Hurricane Joy he recorded several albums and toured in Europe. Meanwhile he was further educated with masterclasses by the very best in the business: Dave Weckle, Simon Philips and Cesar Zuiderwijk.  In the nineties he recorded a hit single and album with ‘Recht uit het Hart’. He also became the main demonstrator and endorsing drummer for Pearl Benelux, which he continued until 2007. In the meantime he has played on numerous studio recordings in various national and international projects. At the moment, René is the drummer of the band Superfly and is a regular studio artist in several musical styles.