Warren Beatteay is no stranger to the entertainment industry in Atlantic Canada. Hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick he has been fortunate not to have to move away to keep busy. His drumming career spans over 25 years beginning with playing in bars before the legal age of 19 in various bands including a steel drum band, hard rock, blues and some funk cover bands. After a 2 year run around the Maritime Club and Cabaret circuit, Warren took some time off from playing and dug into the production side of the business. He was the Technical Director for a 900 seat “Roadhouse” theatre for 11 years then moved onto the Operations Manager’s position at a multipurpose Arena in Saint John where he currently pays his bills from. Getting the itch to play again 15 years ago he was fortunate to do some recording with rock band “The Steve McQueen Band – The Ride” and Children’s Performers “Zany Lane – Raised by ducks”. Warren is now never known to pass up a fill in gig or a new project and plays in a local cover/original Blues Rock band and a Classic Rock cover band on a regular basis.    Most recently he began playing with Kendra Gale of the Blues Rock Duo – The Kendra Gale Band from St. Andrews New Brunswick. Since joining with Kendra the duo have received the 2014 Music New Brunswick Fan Choice Award, won the 2014 CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award at Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and were nominated for Blues Recording of the Year in 2014 for self titled “The Kendra Gale Band” and in 2015 for “Carousel”. They love to play and it shows!! Doing as many gigs as possible in bars, festivals, on the street and anywhere else people will listen! Warren came across a 17″ Turkish Classic Crash some years ago and has wanted more ever since. His love for the hand made cymbals helped him locate Michael Zildjan of FMZ Vintage Sounds, the Canadian Turkish Cymbal Distributor ironically only an hour and a half away. After meeting Michael and hearing more styles of Turkish cymbals he was hooked on the product and the company. Warren was completely thrilled and is extremely proud to be invited to be part of the Turkish Cymbal Family!!   Warren plays: 14″ Moderate HiHats 16″ Moderate Crash 18″ Moderate Crash 20″ Moderate Crash 12″ Classic Splash 17″ Classic Med Crash