The 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Ride is designed with the heart, soul, & traditional hand craftsmanship of our master cymbal smiths to commemorate the 25th year anniversary of Turkish Cymbals in Istanbul.  It is 22″ in diameter, made from our highest quality B20 bronze with a medium-heavy weight.  The entire surface of the cymbal is meticulously hand-hammered to provide precise stick articulation with an elegantly balanced sustain.  Our special semi-polishing process is applied to the entire surface creating a smooth, radiant appearance.  The un-hammered bell produces a delicate and defined ping with well-attuned resonance throughout the cymbal, combined with a controlled vintage “wash” that is highly responsive to full stick strokes resulting from the un-hammered edge.

A ride that embodies the spirit and expression of generations of our handcraft!

Each of these limited edition rides comes with a unique serial number and signed Certificate of Authenticity, an exquisite addition for those who love and respect the art of traditional handmade Turkish Cymbals!