Born in 26 june 1981 in Campo Bom/RS/Brazil, the Brazilian drummer Demétrius Lockshad his first contact with percussion at the age of 6, playing with cans of paint as drums.

At early age he was already used to hear musicians such as Steve Wonder, James Brown, Earth, Wind &Fire, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, among other great names of music heard by his father in the 80’s and 90’s and with 12 years old, he had his first contact with a drums.

When he was 17 years old, Demétrius attended classes with renowned drummer Kiko Freitas, who was a Strong influence for Demétrius and with whom had studied for several years.  Enchanted by the musical works o fVirgil Donati, Demétrius intensively started his studies (transcriptingandstudingvideotapesofDonatiplayingdrums) on the masterpiece soft his worldwide icon of drumming.

In 2002 started his works in didacticarea holding private drum classes and workshops throughout his country in musical institutes and universities.

In 2010 Demétrius was cited in the magazine Modern Drummer – #88 by Kiko Freitas duringan interview. In the same year, was cited in the Special Edition of ModernDrummer.

In 2011, was invited to open the workshop of Virgil Donati in Brazil. After, was cited by Virgil Donati´s FanPage : “ Demétrius Locks is unique and inspiring.

In 2012 he became endorsed by Turkish Cymballs.

In 2015 Demetrius was invited to play in USA on the Urbann Boards USA Tour, participating of several events. Also in this year, releases your DVD Excerptsof Maracatu: double bass applications to Brazilian Rhythms.

Nowadays, started to work on the new projects: Maracatu for Drum set and Maracatu Under the Microscope;