Turkish Cymbals was founded in 1996 in Istanbul by master cymbal smith Mehmet Tamdeğer and his partners.

In its original conception, the company was to be a “sister company” apart from the well known Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals brand, offering contemporary cymbal products and “new generation” sounds.

Since its inauguration, Turkish Cymbals has grown to produce a wide spectrum of diverse series, ranging from traditional “classic” models to unique and modern artist ain 1950 under the apprenticeship of Mikael Zilçan, has for over seven decades been passionately dedicated to the art and perfection of cymbal making in Istanbul, a craft that has been passed down through the generations to him since 400 years. With a steadfast belief and respect for tradition, Turkish Cymbals is a reflection of history with a contemporary vision for the pursuit of new cymbal creations, inspired by Mr. Tamdeğer. He has been one of our most essential supporting partners, and became the proprietor of the company on 17.01.2020 with the transfer of the remaining shares from his last partner.