All TURKISH CYMBALS are made of a superior alloy created through a secret, timehonored “recipe” that has passed down through the centuries, from father to son. (Suffice it to say that copper and tin are the primary ingredients.) We buy all of our precious metals in bulk, and these are melted down carefully in order to extract the alloy. Unlike other major cymbal manufacturers, we never use ready-made discs! No short-cuts to quality! We know the importance of selecting raw materials by hand.
Our Master Cymbal Smith is personally involved in the selection process from start to finish. Anything that fails to meet his impeccable standards is rejected.

TURKISH CYMBALS are always made from scratch, and this is part of the reason they not only sound great, but last forever! Our Master Cymbal Smith uses old-world wisdom, combined with cutting-edge technology, to determine whether or not a batch of copper or tin is pure enough to grace the molds in our ovens. And this guarantee is what allows you, the customer, to feel confident that every time you purchase a TURKISH cymbal, you are getting precisely what you pay for: The right materials needed to achieve a perfect balance of softness and thickness. Because no matter how expertly a cymbal is formed and finished—it must come from the right metal, or it does not deserve to be called TURKISH! That’s why we can say with confidence, “Test your metal on ours!”TM

  • Traditional Istanbul-made cymbals are 100% handcrafted.
  • The process of manufacturing includes handhammering, handshaping, handlathing & handpolishing.
  • That’s why our TURKISH Cymbals exhibit a wider range of sounds than any of their counterparts in the rest of the world. Nothing else even comes close.
  • Turkish offers 2 years guarantee on all Ride&Hihat pairs cymbals and a 1 year for Crash, Swish, China in our catalog from the date of purchase from an authorized Turkish Cymbals reatiler.
  • Turkish offers NO guarantee on our Splash cymbals.

So, please “take GOOD care of them’’.