• Alexander was born on 24th of February, 1965 in Leningrad. From 1982 to 1988 he studied at the Leningrad Sanitary Hygienic Institute Mechnikov (LSGMI), graduated jazz school. The first band he played in was called «Летний сад». Later he played in «Комиссары Австралии», «Ноль», «Пупсы» and «Объект насмешек». In 1992 after Germany tour, «Пупсы» disbanded, and Alexanser Voronov with two other musicians of the group (Konstantin Fedorov and Evgeny Fedorov) founded the band «Tequilajazzz», at the same time Alexander Voronov and Evgeny Fedorov played in «Honey Sacrifice»,”Dolphins”, but soon gave it up and started to concentrate on «Tequilajazzz». Moreover Alexander worked as a DJ on «Катюша» radio station.In July 2010, after 17 years, «Tequilajazzz» disbanded, during the time of the existence 7 albums were recorded. Then Alexander Voronov and Konstantin Fedorov founded the band «KOD» and besides, Dr. Dooser took part in other musical projects, collaborated with: «Skafandr», B. Grebenshikov, V. Butusov, A, Nemkov and other famous musicians. On the 7th of February, 2012 Alexander Voronov and Oleg Trubin founded the band called “Trekinorda”, that soon was transformed into a trio, Ernest Sheremet joined. In a year they released the first album «Летим этим летом», and then the second – «Сервера Севера». In 2015-16 the musicians took part in recording of the «Дункан»-band’s album, in 2016 Alexander Voronov also participated in recording of the album of the band «GruppaL’eto».

    On the 6th of October, 2012 in the club «Зал ожидания» the long-awaited reunion of “Tequilajazz” founders occurred. And in 2013 after the secret concert on the occasion of its 20 years “Tequilajazz” returned to the infrequent, but regular performances.

    Currently Alexander Voronov participates in concerts of «Trekinorda», «Tequilajazz», «Дункан» and «GruppaL’eto» and conducts private lessons in drumming.

    Alexander Voronov is an official endorser of cymbals – Turkish Cimbale with 2007. The musician uses a series cymbals Rock Beat