Barış Can Çelik was born on 1994, in Istanbul, Turkey. In the songs that he has been listening to since his childhood, drums have always affected him. He was just 12 when he started taking lessons from his first teacher “Zafer Önal”. He took the stage for the first time on a TV show when he was 13. At high school, he was awarded with his school band in the Kasdav’s final. (High school music competiton) He was 16 when he played his first bar concert with this school band and his first recording experience was with this band. He formed his own style by watching his favorite drummers and also listening all kinds of music. In 2011, he formed the “The Invisible Minority” with his friends . After he played with band named ”Opioid” .With many concerts,university fests and competitions,he involved in EP and demo works.Then he joined “Across The Wall”. After their first music video ,which has also published by the Hardcore Worldwide, they published a single with 6 Weapon’s Vocalist .Now they continue their works .Also, He is still playing with one of his Post Punk Revival band project, “Keçi” that we first met as “Mushroom Gun” and some other bands with different genres. He does not like restricting himself to a certain genre. He just loves music… He loves playing the drums with feeling . Now, he is taking lessons from “Doğaç Titiz” with a desire to improve himself and at the same time he is taking steps to improve his knowledge of sound engineering.