He borned on 1977 in Kirklareli (Turkey). When he was 7 he impressed from his father Ergin DAYANC. When he was a young he played with some school bands.After years he started to study at Istanbul Technical University (Traditional Turkish Music Conservatory). He left from school in 1999 then he gone to Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.He finished Drumming and Audio Engineering programs. In those years he played with Gece Yolculari, Birol Can, Burak Bora, Haluk Levent and lots of bands. In 1999 he started his military services and he had a little brake for musical works after service he started Haluk Levent on 2001. Between the 2001 and 2003 he worked Haluk Levent, Umut Kuzey, Murat Evgin, Ali Altay, Serdar Oztop, Akin Eldes. with Ergin Altinel he recorded more than 20 albums and numerous concerts. He worked with Murat Evgin and also by himself about Tv shows and commercial musics. Now he works and plays with Haluk Levent, Serdar Oztop, Akin Eldes and Malt on concerts, albums and shows.