Born on September 9 1978 in Constanta, a city situated on the Black Sea Coast, Ionuț “John” Micu is a Romanian artist with an impresive musical career. In 1993 the gothic rock band “Interitus Dei” with Ionut Micu as a drummer is formed. Until 1998, when he leaves the band, Ionut Micu participates with Interitus Dei in a series of rock contests and festivals in Romania. 1997 is the year when Ionut meets the one who will be his mentor: Ovidiu Lipan “Țăndărică”, the former drummer of the famous Romanian band “Phoenix”. Noticed by the master for the remarkable way of “touching” the drums, John will take up a way which will change his life and career, as an apprentice and friend of the famous drummer, from whom he learns and ” picks up” the mysteries of drumming. In 1999 he takes part in Ovidiu Lipan’s project, “The Drummer’s Dream”, together with Corneliu Stroe, Nicolae Voiculet, Dumitru Farcas, Camerata Valachica of Romanian Television and “10Prajini” Brassband. Although he joins Lipan in almost all his concerts and public appearances, Ionut Micu also joins the band “Talisman” in 2000, which he accompanies on the USA tour the same year. He also records, together with “Talisman”, the most beautiful songs from the albums enjoyed by thousands of fans : “For Her”, “Talisman 100%”, “Ballads”. In 2004 he fulfills his dream, playing the drums on stage together with Nicu Covaci, as a special guest for the forever young band “Phoenix” on the tour in Spain. This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Nicu Covaci, who will often appeal to Ionut to join the band. After leaving “Talisman” in 2006, Ionut Micu will play the drums in another famous band, “Kripton”, , with whose members he records the maxi-single “I turn into rains”. He also takes part in many other Phoenix concerts all over the country. In 2007 he is invited to join another famous rock band”Compact” on a tour of 70 concerts in Romania and 2 in Cyprus. All this time, he also participates in the concerts organised by Ovidiu Lipan “Tandarica” and as a special guest for the Phoenix concerts. Between 2008 and 2012 he tajes part in the concerts organised by Ovidiu Lipan together with the brassband “10 Prajini” and Stelu Enache, an Aromanian singer. At the same time, he also has an unceasing activity in studios, recording for many other bands. In 2009 he takes part in the project “State of Mind”, initiated by his friend and colleague Cristi Gram. In 2012, Nicu Covaci invites Ionut, to become, as a drummer, a permanent member of the band “Phoenix”. At that time, he meets Adrian Naidin, with whom he has sung ever since, delivering successful concerts in Romania and abroad with the name “Two Stones”. In June 2014, Ionut leaves Phoenix :”It’s time for me to move on, with new projects, new people, who have the same goals like me.” The new way is called RIT, a band whose name was given by Mircea Baniciu.