Leyan Senay is an independent drummer who was born in Belgium. Since her childhood years, she’s been living in Turkey. She began her professional music life in 2016 by opening her music studio ‘Drumeow’. Her first instrument was piano and she graduated from the high school of fine arts, where she studied piano and drums. At the university, she studied English Language and Literature but her only job is drumming. She made lots of projects with famous Turkish musicians like Berkay, Bahadir Tatlioz, Sila, Iskender Paydas, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Borusan Phillarmonic Orchestra and so on. She usually plays rock & metal and also she has her own songs with her metal bands. She gave concerts for long years with the guitarist of the famous Turkish rock band, Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, Deniz Demiroz. For two years she’s been playing with a Turkish classical music orchestra, ‘Sesler Hazinesi’. She is also one of the drum instructors of Zuhal Music Academy since 2019. She attended the UK Drum Show in September 2019 as the artist of Turkish Cymbals. In 2021 she worked with Drumeo which is the most famous drum community of the world. She gave interviews and online drum lessons to international pages and magazines like Tom Tom Magazine, Girls On Drums, Mentoria Legado. She became the Turkish Ambassador & Organizator of the famous drum contest ‘Hit Like A Girl Turkey’ ! She’s the official artist of  Mapex Drums, Sennheiser, Vater drumsticks, Turkish Cymbals, Cympad, Vratim and Okecajon.  Her passion for ‘blue’ color reflected in her hair to her drumset & drumsticks. Nowadays she’s continuing her drumming journey as working on conceptual drum videos for her social media accounts and giving drum lessons.