Marc was born in 1987 in Thuringia / Germany and started playing music by the age of 15 playing bass for a local Skatepunk Band. One year later became a drummer by accident and stuck with it ever since. He played a variety of different bands from Hardcore, Metalcore up to Rock’n’Roll and Country. His current band „Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash“ released their debut record „Get the hell off my land“ on Gravewax Records(US) in 2011 and are now on their preparations for going back to studio in 2014. Meanwhile they supported Bob Wayne (US) on the German Summerbreeze Festival. „Mr.. Sideburn and the Barons“ is the second band he is playing for, which released „Highballing the Jack“ in 2012. Right now he is working on a drum building project.    Marc would like to thank the companies that supported him over the years:    Warson Motors  Tornack Drums  And above them all Turkish Cymbals for the great cymbals and always competent support!    Bands:   Marc is playing Euphonic, Sirius and Apex Cymbals!