Noah Kabia is an 11 year old lefty drummer that is beating cancer like he beats his drums! Starting at the age of three, he would drum on anything he could find including all of his parents and grandparents pots, pans and Tupperware! He got his first drum set at four years old and immediately played it even though he had never sat at a drum set before.  Noah made his first TV appearance at five years old on the local news where they were enamored at his playing ability having never had lessons.  While his skill level rapidly increased over that next year, he started to experience strange aches and pains in his joints which were first thought to be growing pains but turned out to be something much worse.  Noah had cancer…Leukemia specifically and it literally turned he and his family’s world upside down.  Over the course of the next four years, Noah fought for his life as the cancer was initially occupying 90% of his body.  Though he was near death, his love and passion for playing music were as alive as they could be!  While going through treatment and being out of school, Noah had a lot of time to practice his drums and switched from being a righty to a lefty drummer which actually came more naturally to him.  Noah has had some very special musical moments, having had the chance to play with several of his favorite artists in concert including Jason Scheff of the band Chicago, Rascal Flatts and gospel singers Jonathan McReynolds and Israel Houghton.  He first came in contact with Turkish Cymbals at NAMM in 2020, as he loved the cymbals and spent a substantial portion of time during the event at the Turkish Cymbals booth.  Noah is now glad to be a part of the Turkish Cymbals family and is looking forward to being a great ambassador for our brand and everything else the future may bring!  You can find Noah on Instagram where he is most active with almost 9,000 followers and hosts a weekly show called “New Set Sundays”, where he showcases a variety of drum set ups and interviews drummers he admires.  You can also catch him on Facebook and Twitter as well as subscribe to his new YouTube page.