Okan Duman was born in Istanbul in 1972. His interest in drums began at early ages. He received his first drum training at the age of 14 at Yurdaer Doğulu Arts Training Center. He won the drums solo competition in 1999 in Turkey, for which Dom Famularo was the jury president. Right after the competition, he went to New York on the invitiation of Dom Famularo to continue his training. He started to receive training from Dom Famularo and from Jim Chapin, who is the Student of Sanford A. Moeller – the creator of the Moeller Technique.    He had the opportunity to play at different clubs in New York during his training period. After the completion of his training, he returned to Turkey and opened the Drum Tech Drums Training Studio in Istanbul, Tünel (2001-2011). He continued to offer trainings here for 10 years, while improving his professional skills. He recorded many professional albums with various artists in Turkey and played at the same stage. He established various groups where he presented his own projects.