I was born 1981 at istanbul and when ı was 7 years old started music with piano and two years ı trained for it after that ı bean course önder Bali nearly six months but school was more important for me and ı stoped to play piano . My dad was business man and his opened night club at istanbul ataköy marina brava club and ı funded my self into the music at night club six days a weak there was live music it was been really good course for me to learn music but this time ı didn’t interest piano ı interested to drum and nearly 2years watch drummers and asked questions abut drum stared to course again and train with Mert Işılay and his opened my mind and give me more control with stick on drums . ı play drum nearly 16 years ı got my own music studio and drum club  Tekirdağ Center and given course  about how to play drum and teaching music to our students.and ı would go ahead play for music albums and bands they are usually pop or rock bands .

          Some Major Performances

USTU  KALSIN : hayal kahvesi , Rock house , mojito ,  Tekirdağ municipal concert , Namık Kemal UNİ festivals

Serkan Civelek :Mojo beyoğlu , mojito and single albums drum records

Krill Bando:Kirpi Bar ,  Public cafe bar , Keyif kahvesi  , cities bar , Yelken club

Tuğçe Haşimoğlu: Divan hotel, Cities bar , Re public , Maske , Silivri Garden restorant , Armada  , Silivri , municipal concert

Ferhat Akın :Ramada hotel, CCG Performance , Shaya beach club , Mojito bar pub , Aheste Bar , Namık Kemal uni festivals,Tekirdağ municipal concert

and ı worked with : Canan Şimşek Silver side otel , Ozan Orhon Armada , Cities , Lal Sönmez Armada , Güvenç Aydık Balo , Ela Akın Cities , burak kibar

still work  and play for :Tekirdağ oda orkestrası , Aytuğ Ezen Üstü kalsın ve Ferhat Akın