The unique feature of these cymbals is a specially fitted rivet arrangement designed to create a controlled “rattle” sound on the instrument. These cymbals are as well extremely dry in character, similar to Atacama line, also with unhammered bells producing minimal overtones. The lightweight hi-hat collection of 12”, 13”, and 14” are balanced in a way that they can also function as splash/crash cymbals. The rivets are placed with four on the top cymbal, grouped in two and placed opposite of each other, and on the bottom cymbal two rivets are inserted on the inside of the cymbal producing vibration. The 21”Ride has 8 different rivets placed equally around the edge of the cymbal. The rivets are designed for controlled vibration. They have limited sustain allowing for more control particularly at low dynamic levels. The combination of the open hi-hats together with the ride cymbal creates a surround sound sizzle/rattle effect which can be easily obtained with only the slightest touch.